In 2019 BOSCO Uganda was one of the beneficiaries of APC’s community learning grants provided to support twelve community network organizations from Africa Asia and Latin America.
The grants which were offered to the community networks in partnership with Rhizomatica were aimed to directly support the work of community networks, with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to contribute to an enabling ecosystem for the emergence and growth of community-based connectivity initiatives in developing countries.


What the Project set out to do:

  • Strengthen the community networks movement through peer learning and capacity building 
  • Enable the creation of new community networks via awareness raising and movement building. 
  • Support innovative technology use and approaches that enable scaling and sustainability of community networks

What we achieved from our Union:

The 2019 community learning grants were the first point of convergence that would unite BOSCO Uganda and APC and it achieved tremendous results paving way for future engagements between APC and BOSCO Uganda- an important relationship with BOSCO Uganda that still continues to date.

Peer Learning & Experience Sharing

The project created an avenue for experience sharing amongst the peer members who learnt from and networked with each other.
This happened through peer learning exchange visits that offered peers the chance to share experiences and jointly find solutions to challenges affecting community networks.
As such a BOSCO Uganda team was able to visit Zenzeleni network in Mankosi South Africa, and Umojanet in Malawi.

In this same spirit of knowledge sharing we also hosted peers from Zenzeleni, Umojanet,  Tunapandanet from Kenya and DRC’s Pamoja Net learning tremendously in the process. 

Installation of the 2.2Kwatt Solar System

The installation of this solar system at BOSCO Uganda enabled by the community learning grant project improved the reliability of our network and servers and eventually solidified the reputation of our Bardege ICT Center as a learning center that constantly has electricity.

This development in a place that has unreliable electricity has contributed to sustainability as it earns the ICT Center money from people who flock it  to use electricity and internet.

Created Awareness On Work Done by Community Networks:

We were able to organize a Multi-stakeholders event that brought together players from different sectors under invitation of BOSCO Uganda and allowed us create awareness on the work we do as a community network working to end the digital divide in Uganda.

The journey to create awareness on our work as community networks also led BOSCO Uganda to Chad, Berlin and Dodoma where with APC’s guidance we continuosly stressed the importance of work done by Community networks.

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