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This summer, four students from the University of Notre Dame are interning with BOSCO-Uganda to aid with communications, cybersecurity, ICT center updates, and more. Through Notre Dame’s NDBridge Program, Adam was matched to intern with BOSCO-Uganda due to his interest in sustainable development and technological advancement. 

Adam is a rising sophomore student at Notre Dame studying architecture. His interests include drawing, painting, and performing 3D Modeling and graphic design as an aspiring architect. A native of Independence, Kentucky, he enjoys witnessing new adventures and has great pride in his dorm hall at the University of Notre Dame, O’Neill Family Hall. 


We sat down with Adam Scott to discuss his experience thus far. When asked what attracted him to apply for an internship experience with BOSCO, he stated he has always had a passion for traveling and experiencing a different culture and life. To add, he has always been interested and passionate about technology and the ability it has to bridge communities and wanted to aid in the technological expansion and ICT (Internet and communication technology) center development that BOSCO-Uganda prides itself on. He felt Uganda would be a unique and distinctive area as it has a rich history and opportunities for developing his values, education, and perspective. 

In regards to Adam’s role and work while at BOSCO, he shared, “I’ve been involved in assisting with BOSCO’s branding, social media, and outreach in regard to expanding BOSCO’s mission to the world. I am also excited to explore more about the architecture of Uganda and teach BOSCO’s workforce how to use 3D modeling, management, and design software” In addition, Adam stated how “important exposure is for a company and reaching as many people as possible. By strengthening our image and brand, BOSCO can reach more and more people to enact more change and development in rural, northern Uganda.” 

Adam has shared how this internship has helped his personal and professional growth, explaining how he has “…learned valuable skills such as accountability, time management, and responsibility. When faced with deadlines and tasks, I take them seriously and work to accomplish them in a timely manner. In terms of my personal growth, I have gained insight from the local community and their resilience and compassion which has inspired me to try my best to support others and be a good steward to others.” 

Adam has had many memorable experiences while in Uganda. Still, he says one of his favorites included the opportunity to share with the BOSCO team various branding designs and templates to support the growth of BOSCO through graphic design. Adam believes “we all have unique talents and are called to share them with the world” and he is “so grateful sharing [his] love of graphic design, architecture, and the common good with others.”

In regards to what Adam has learned while in Uganda he shared that the most important aspect of working with a group is learning how to value teamwork and the support and guidance he receives from others. Adam shared, “Teamwork in a career is essential when supporting the common good; this is especially important in regard to BOSCO as social justice in technology is a common framework in our society today.” He also believes his experiences have helped to influence and shape his career goals as it has allowed him to witness the importance of serving the common good in a career and he hopes to fulfill his work as an architect with a focus on this.

Regarding challenges and difficulties, Adam believes the most difficult aspect has been learning to adjust to working in a different environment. In addition, various aspects of technology such as knowledge of ICT centers, cybersecurity measures, and internet systems have been challenging, at times, to understand. Still, Adam has enjoyed learning by doing and asking questions when faced with these learning curves. When describing the work culture and environment of BOSCO, Adam shared it feels like being a part of a new family while working with BOSCO. The dedication and compassion of all those at BOSCO inspire Adam to continue to promote a culture of peace and resilience in his day-to-day life. 

When asked what advice he would give to future interns looking to make the most of their internship experience, he stated the biggest piece of advice would be to “find something new to do every day.” To add, always be willing to try something new and be open to new opportunities, while respecting your boundaries. When asked how Adam balances his responsibilities while at BOSCO with other commitments he shared that he has begun to set aside dedicated time for activities and resting instead of working all the time. In addition, he believes that BOSCO is unique because it’s not just a company, but rather a mission that affects thousands and is a testament to its strong foundation and commitment to supporting the dignity of all people. 

As a hopeful architect, Adam has been influenced by his internship experience to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of supporting the common good in a career. He hopes to develop sustainable design solutions in terms of architecture and the housing crisis. Lastly, the most significant insight Adam has valued while in Uganda includes never being afraid to step out and experience something new. Adjusting to life in Africa has been difficult for Adam, but has also been rewarding and filled with surprises and excitement; he puts emphasis on how he will miss his experience in Uganda and all the surprises he’s encountered. 

Article by Greg Gehring


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