BOSCO Uganda internal Capacity Building

In line with Promoting good practices of organizational development, BOSCO Uganda strives to build the capacity of its human resources in various fields so that they can be knowledgeable and have skills outside their areas of expertise.

On Friday 22 July 2016, an internal staff capacity building workshop was held for BOSCO Uganda staff. The workshop was aimed at building the capacity of BOSCO Uganda staff members in ICT, human rights and governance, gender equality, solar and bio-energy

The training workshop was attended by 24 participants (5 females and 19 males). Eighteen participants (3 females & 15 males) were BOSCO Uganda staff, while and 6 participants (2 females & 4 males) were intern students from various universities across Uganda.

The one-day activity started at 9:25am in the morning with an opening prayer, followed by a self-introduction of all participants present. Thereafter an opening remark and an explanation of the objectives of the training was made by the Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Tony Okwonga.

Thereafter, a session on Bio-Energy was facilitated by Ms. Joan Nansubuga and Jacob Wokorach who were external professionals/graduates of Bio-Systems Engineering.

Then Benson Olobo and Okot Solomon Nono (both BOSCO Uganda staff) facilitated a session on solar energy & ICT.

Finally, a session on human rights, gender and governance was facilitated by Robert Komakech and Denis Delaco Oluba.

The training sessions were both theoretical and practical. In the theoretical sessions, the facilitators explained the basic principles and concepts associated with their subjects. In the practical sessions participants were taken through the process of making/ using the technology being taught.

The training enabled BOSCO Uganda staff members to learn about alternative sources of energy, and to gain knowledge on human rights and governance. If put into practice, BOSCO Uganda staff will be able to start using alternative sources of energy which will not only make them join the fight for environmental conservation, but will also enable them to save money through usage of cheaper and cleaner sources of energy. BOSCO Uganda staff will also be able to uphold and observe human rights and good governance practices in their every day life.

The day was not only meant for training, but also provided BOSCO Uganda staff with the opportunity to relax, interact, and bond well with each other. Friendly jokes punctuated the day both inside and outside the training sessions. Most of the staff admitted that the day had gone satisfactorily.

The workshop was closed by the Chief Executive Officer, Rev. Fr. Joseph Okumu and all staff departed for their homes thereafter

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