Digital Literacy Training in Agago District

Agago district is one of the districts that make Northern Uganda, and it is one of the places that BOSCO Uganda has invested in over the years by opening three community ICT Centres. These Centres include Gwokke Keni In Patongo centre, Lokole Super Star at Agago Town Council and Kokil Gwok Ma Inongo in Paimol. This has helped in the fight to bridge the digital divide. However, as they were still reminiscing about the new computers installed at the centres under the support of the 48% project, they had another thing coming under digital literacy training.

The digital literacy training was done in phases. First was Gwokke Keni Centre, located just slightly outside Patongo Town in Agago District, Then followed by Kokil Gwok ma inongo and Lokole simultaneously, where they were taken through different packages which included Introduction to the Internet, introduction to Microsoft Office package which included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Publisher, Introduction to the internet and Intranet and then finally the training was concluded with some computer security demo to help protect themselves from online threats like hackers and scammers. We would like to thank 48% for their support that allowed this trainings to be conducted

Photos taken during the training.

Kokil Gwok Ma Inongo Training
Immaculate during Gwokke Keni Training
Women of Kokil Practicing
Lokole super star training
Gwok Ma inongo Training.

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