Empowering Atyang with Digital Literacy: BOSCO Uganda and Internet Society (ISOC) Collaborate on Transformative Training Program at Waroco Kwo ICT Centre

Empowering Atyang with Digital Literacy: BOSCO Uganda and Internet Society (ISOC) Collaborate on Transformative Training Program at Waroco Kwo ICT Centre

Atyang’s Waroco Kwo ICT Centre was buzzing with excitement as it hosted a five-day digital learning event from September 4th to 8th, 2023. This special event, organized by BOSCO Uganda and supported by the Internet Society (ISOC), left everyone smiling and feeling more confident in the digital world.

During the training, people of all ages learned about five important topics:

1. Introduction to Computers: The program kicked off with an exploration of the basic elements of computing. Trainees were introduced to the inner workings of computers, from hardware to software, demystifying these essential machines.

2. Microsoft Office Package: A highlight of the training was the deep dive into Microsoft Office. Attendees learned how to create professional documents in Word, crunch numbers in Excel, design eye-catching presentations in PowerPoint, and manage their emails efficiently with Outlook.

3. Introduction to the Internet: The internet, often seen as a vast and intimidating realm, was presented in a user-friendly manner. Trainees grasped the essentials of web navigation, online research, and the world of social media.

4. Basic Security: In a world riddled with cyber threats, digital security is paramount. The training equipped trainees with the skills needed to protect themselves online, covering topics such as creating strong passwords and recognizing phishing attempts.

5. Basic Maintenance: No computer training is complete without learning how to take care of these valuable machines. Trainees became adept at troubleshooting common issues, ensuring their devices stay in peak condition.

What set this training apart from the ordinary was not just the curriculum but the lively and engaging teaching methods employed. Trainees enjoyed interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and even some friendly competitions. The result? A crowd bubbling with enthusiasm and curiosity throughout the entire program.

The best part was when we all got to create our first Word document and print it out,” exclaimed a local attendee. “It felt like magic!”

The digital literacy training at Waroco Kwo ICT Centre was more than just a skill-building exercise. It was a bridge to a brighter future for the people of Atyang. The newfound knowledge will open doors to countless opportunities, from employment prospects to enhanced communication and access to information.

BOSCO Uganda’s tireless dedication to empowering underserved communities through digital education was evident in every facet of this event. Internet Society’s generous support further underscores the importance of such initiatives in bridging the digital divide.

With smiles on their faces and a world of new possibilities at their fingertips, the trainees of the digital literacy training at Waroco Kwo ICT Centre are now ready to embrace the digital age with confidence. Thanks to BOSCO Uganda, the Internet Society, and the wonderful people of Atyang, this corner of Uganda is shining brighter than ever before.

Photos from the Training


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