Empowering Education: BOSCO Uganda and Ssubi Foundation Join Hands to Transform Learning at Lela Obaro Primary School

In a world that is rapidly evolving towards digitalization, access to the internet and online educational resources has become more crucial than ever. In a commendable collaboration, BOSCO Uganda and Ssubi Foundation have come together to empower teachers and pupils at Lela Obaro Primary School through a comprehensive training program focused on internet utilization and the introduction of the innovative online learning platform, Kolibri.

BOSCO Uganda’s Commitment to Digital Inclusion

BOSCO Uganda, short for ‘Battery Operated Systems for Community Outreach,’ has been at the forefront of promoting digital inclusion in remote and underserved communities across Northern Uganda. With a mission to bridge the digital divide and enhance access to information and education, BOSCO Uganda has consistently worked towards empowering local communities through technology.

The collaboration with Ssubi Foundation marks a significant step forward in achieving this goal. By partnering with a local non-profit organization dedicated to education and community development, BOSCO Uganda is extending its impact to the pupils and teachers at Lela Obaro Primary School.

Ssubi Foundation’s Dedication to Quality Education

Ssuubi Foundation, named after the Luganda word for “hope,” has been tirelessly working to bring hope and a better future to Ugandan communities through education. The foundation’s vision aligns perfectly with BOSCO Uganda’s mission, making their partnership a harmonious effort to uplift education standards in remote areas.

Lela Obaro Primary School is the focal point of this collaborative initiative. Both BOSCO Uganda and the Ssuubi Foundation recognize that empowering teachers with digital tools and resources can have a profound impact on the quality of education delivered to pupils.

Training the Educators of Tomorrow

The joint effort kicked off with an intensive training program for the teachers of Lela Obaro Primary School. These educators, who are the backbone of the community’s education system, will undergo a comprehensive training on internet usage and digital literacy. With access to the vast pool of online resources, the teachers will be equipped with the skills to augment their teaching methods and keep abreast of the latest educational trends.

The training program also emphasizes responsible and safe internet usage, empowering teachers to guide their pupils in navigating the digital realm securely.

Introducing Kolibri: Revolutionizing Learning

A highlight of this collaboration is the introduction of Kolibri, an open-source online learning platform designed to provide quality education to underserved communities. Developed by Learning Equality, Kolibri offers a wealth of interactive learning materials, including videos, quizzes, and interactive exercises, covering a wide range of subjects and grade levels.

Through the guidance of BOSCO Uganda and Ssubi Foundation, teachers at Lela Obaro Primary School will be introduced to Kolibri, enabling them to integrate technology into their teaching methods effectively. This platform opens doors to a world of knowledge beyond traditional textbooks, catering to diverse learning styles and piquing students’ curiosity.

Impact on Education and Beyond

The collaborative effort between BOSCO Uganda and Ssubi Foundation holds immense promise for the students of Lela Obaro Primary School. Access to the internet and the innovative Kolibri platform will not only enhance their academic growth but also nurture essential digital skills that are becoming increasingly indispensable in the modern world.

Furthermore, this initiative exemplifies the power of partnerships in driving positive change. By combining the strengths of BOSCO Uganda’s technological expertise and Ssubi Foundation’s commitment to education, the collaboration sets a precedent for how collective efforts can transform education in remote and marginalized communities.

As the training program progresses and Kolibri becomes an integral part of the learning journey at Lela Obaro Primary School, the impact is likely to extend beyond the classroom. pupils empowered with digital literacy and access to a world of knowledge are better poised to contribute meaningfully to their communities and break the cycle of poverty.

In conclusion, the collaboration between BOSCO Uganda and Ssubi Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for education in rural Uganda. By training teachers in digital skills and introducing them to the transformative Kolibri platform, this initiative is not just fostering academic growth but also nurturing a generation of empowered and digitally proficient individuals ready to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Article by Ojok Julius Nyero


Teachers being taken through introduction to internet.
Teachers being taken through how the internet works
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