Empowering Pagak Community Through Digital Literacy: Join Us in Making a Difference

A Message of Gratitude to Our Valued Donors: The Internet Society

In today’s rapidly evolving world, digital literacy is not just a skill; it’s a gateway to empowerment and opportunity. The Digital Literacy Training program at the Pagak ICT Centre has been made possible through the generous support of our esteemed donors, the Internet Society.

Bridging the Digital Divide

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to bridging the digital divide in our community. We understand that access to digital skills and knowledge is not merely a luxury but a lifeline in an increasingly interconnected world. With the invaluable support of the Internet Society, we have been able to take significant steps toward this vision.

Empowering Through Education

Day 1: Foundations of Digital Literacy

The journey began with an introduction to the world of digital literacy. Our participants, diverse in their backgrounds and experiences, gathered with a common goal to embrace the digital era with confidence.

In the morning session, we addressed their fears and expectations, creating an environment of collaboration and learning. They were introduced to the history of computers, hardware, and software components, setting the stage for hands-on experience.

The afternoon session was dedicated to practical skills. Participants explored the computer interface, learned the meaning of icons and the taskbar, and discovered how to create folders. The day concluded with their first steps into the world of Microsoft Word.

Day 2: Mastery of Microsoft Word

Day 2 was a deep dive into Microsoft Word, where participants honed their skills in text formatting, paragraph layout, tables, graphics, and more. They became proficient Word users, creating polished and professional documents.

Day 3: Excel and PowerPoint Proficiency

Participants furthered their skills with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Data entry, formulas, and engaging presentations became second nature.

Day 4: The World of the Internet and Email

Day 4 marked the exploration of the digital world, with a focus on web browsers, online searches, and email communication. Participants learned to create email accounts and send messages with confidence.

Day 5: Internet Exploration, Social Media, Security, and Handover

The final day encapsulated the essence of the digital age. Participants navigated Google Maps, mastered Twitter, and gained crucial insights into online security and privacy. The day concluded with a memorable handover ceremony, symbolizing the commitment to digital literacy and community empowerment.

Impact and Beyond

The impact of the Digital Literacy Training program extends far beyond the classroom. Thanks to the unwavering support of the Internet Society, participants have gained not just skills, but confidence. They are now ready to embrace the digital world, opening doors to opportunities they may have never imagined.

As we look forward, our commitment to digital literacy remains steadfast. We invite our esteemed donors and funders, including the Internet Society, to continue this transformative journey with us. Together, we are bridging the digital divide, unlocking opportunities, and shaping a brighter and digitally inclusive future for the Pagak community.

Join Us in Empowering Lives

Your support has already made a profound impact, and there are countless more lives to empower. Join us in our mission to provide essential digital skills, promote education, and foster community growth. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of communities.

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