Entrepreneurship Essentials Graduates Urged To Be More Practical:

Guest Blog Post by Ivan Rackara

The Entrepreneurship Essentials class graduates of Bardege ICT Center were encouraged to put to practice the knowledge acquired during their training and start businesses.

This was during the graduation ceremony which saw forty four members of the entrepreneurship class walk away with certificates in recognition of their efforts in attending the six week course.

The course which was provided by BOSCO Uganda in partnership with Accenture (a management consulting firm) and the University of Notre Dame was delivered to students through bi-weekly lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays and in the same vein assessed through presentations and tests is a brain-child of the Connectivity, Electricity and Education for Entrepreneurship (CE3) project for members of the Entrepreneurship club.

“The purpose of this training was to help you the students to not only start a business but to also run it” said Lino Owor Ogora the BOSCO representative in advice to the newly graduated students.

The students who expressed interests in starting small scale businesses commended the course for offering them a platform to learn and share ideas about businesses.

“The course has been beneficial in enabling me as a youth integrate with other people and share business knowledge and ideas, I believe am now capable of creating my own business instead of searching from another person’s created job” remarked Peter Aguma a recent graduate of Gulu University and member of the class.
Samuel Okot another graduate of the class and small business owner also vowed to put the skills he acquired from the course to his business.

“ I will apply the knowledge and skills gained from the course to my business” he said.

Samuel Komakech, the facilitator for the course also commended the successful students for their persistence and commitment in attending lessons and doing assignments which accelerated their training and in lieu of this advised them to continue with the same for success in their future endeavors.

“I would like to encourage you to maintain the spirit of commitment for progress even in the running of your future businesses” advised a proud Samuel Komakech, as he presided over the handover of certificates.

Ivan Rackara is a student of Mukono University. He attended the certificate award ceremony

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