Feminist Techjoy: A Tale of Empowerment and Cyber Solidarity

In a recent time, in the heart of Northern Uganda, a remarkable journey unfolded. It was a journey of knowledge, empowerment, and digital camaraderie, spearheaded by the spirited women of the Pabbo ICT Centre. These women, equipped with Cybersecurity skills and knowledge, embarked on an exchange visit to God’s Mercy Purongo ICT Centre, a place where technology met determination.

The air buzzed with excitement as the women from Pabbo arrived. They were greeted with warm smiles. The day was filled with discussions, experience sharing and hands-on sessions. The women delved into the depths of cybersecurity, unraveling the mysteries of Cyber harassment, Online Gender Based Violence (GBV), password management, social engineering techniques, device hygiene and safe browsing practices. They learned not just to protect themselves in the digital world, but also to empower others. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the women from Pabbo left, carrying with them a bond forged in the fires of shared knowledge.

The story didn’t end there, the exchange visit continued. The women of Divine Mercy Patongo ICT Centre decided it was their turn to spread the light of wisdom. They packed their bags and set off for Waroco Kwo Atyang ICT Centre, their hearts brimming with enthusiasm to teach and learn.

The women of Waroco Kwo Atyang welcomed their sisters with open arms and eager minds. The training commenced, with sessions on password security, phishing scams, Online harassment and GBV, secure communication and safe browsing, device hygiene and the importance of regular software updates and encryption. Laughter and learning echoed through the halls, as the women shared stories of triumphs and challenges in their tech journeys.

As the training concluded, the women of Waroco Kwo Atyang stood a little taller, their confidence bolstered by the knowledge they had gained. They knew they were now guardians of their own digital destinies, ready to face the cyber world with newfound strength. The Feminist Techjoy exchange was more than just a visit; it was a movement. It was a testament to the power of women uplifting women, a beacon of hope that shone brightly across the ICT centres of Northern Uganda. And as the women returned to their respective centres, they carried with them a message of solidarity: Together, they are an unstoppable force in the realm of technology and cybersecurity.

And so, the story of Feminist Techjoy lives on, a story not just of exchange visits, but of unity, strength, and the unyielding spirit of women in tech. Inspired by the real-life efforts of women across the globe who are breaking barriers and forging paths in the field of technology. May their journeys continue to inspire and lead the way for future generations.

We would like to thank our partner Association For Progressive Communication, You can read more about them here

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