From Fear to Success: How Akumu Nancy Mary Became a Computer Trainee in Pabbo

Akumu Nancy Mary is a young woman from Pabbo who has overcome her fear of computers and become a successful trainee at the Pabbo ICT centre. She was one of the beneficiaries of the computer training program by BOSCO Uganda, a non-governmental organization that provides ICT solutions to rural communities, with funding from Internet Society, a global organization that promotes the development and use of the internet.

The training program taught her the basics of computer literacy, such as how to use a keyboard, mouse, word processor, spreadsheet, and internet browser. She also learned how to create and edit documents, send and receive emails, and access online information and services, she also learnt basic computer maintenance. She said that the training program was very helpful and interesting, and that it opened her eyes to the opportunities and possibilities that ICT can offer.


After completing the training program, she was selected as one of the trainees at the Pabbo Youth ICT centre, where she had received her training. She now assists other learners and community members who come to the centre to use the computers and access the internet. She said that she enjoys her work and that she feels proud to be part of the ICT team. She also hopes to continue learning more advanced skills and to pursue a career in ICT.

Besides being a computer enthusiast, Akumu Nancy Mary is also a football player for the women’s team of Pabbo. She said that she loves playing football and that it helps her to stay fit and healthy. She also said that football and ICT have some similarities, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. She said that both activities have boosted her confidence and self-esteem.

Akumu Nancy Mary is an example of how ICT can empower young women in rural areas and help them achieve their goals and dreams. She is grateful to BOSCO Uganda and Internet Society for providing her with the opportunity to learn and grow through ICT. She also encourages other young women to embrace ICT and to use it for their personal and professional development.

"ICT has changed my life for the better. I have learned so much and I have gained so much respect from my family and community. I want to share my knowledge and skills with others and help them improve their lives too."
Akumu Nancy Mary
TOT (Trainer Of Trainees)
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