Newly-Installed Chain-Link Fence Completed Around Kalongo Tower


We’re excited to share some exciting news regarding the completion of a metal chain-link fence surrounding our newly constructed tower on Kalongo Hill! Recently, the construction of a new network tower on Kalongo Hill was completed, and thus, the expansion of reliable communication infrastructure was expanded to even more remote areas, including Wipolo, Lukole, Patongo, and Kokil.

BOSCO-Uganda’s mission includes expanding Internet connectivity and access to communication for rural communities, and with support from 48 Percent, this mission was further supported. Kalongo Hill, also referred to as Mount Kalongo, Mount Oret, and Kalongo Rock, reaches approximately 1,600 meters above the town of Kalongo and is situated towards the northwest side of town.

This project atop Kalongo Hill presents a new ability for individuals in the Agago District and nearby communities to bridge the digital divide and have access to essential communication services to help serve the healthcare, business, education, and social connectivity sectors. Not only this, but increased Internet and communication access will help to empower the local community and serve as a hub for technological access. With the installation of the tower completed, a new project has also begun, including surrounding the building with a metal chain-link fence to offer protection against intruders and animals. The galvanized chain-link fence provides security and enclosure of the tower while signifying to possible intruders that the tower is monitored and protected. 


The chain-link fence is perfect due to its durability, affordability, practicality, and its effectiveness in denoting property lines. Not only this, but the material provides a low-maintenance solution that prevents anyone from easily cutting through the barrier. Therefore, the protective coating will prevent moisture and rust from eroding the material and provides invulnerability to other elements that exist at such a high altitude, including increased wind speeds, harsh rains, and humid moisture conditions.

The chain-link fence also is ideal due to its effortless installation which occurred during the weekend of 16/06/2023 – 18/06/2023. Additionally, since it is immune to rotting, warping, and insect damage, its repairs will be easy. The chain-link fence provides protection from animals and intruders and enables Kalongo Tower to continue to provide Internet connectivity without the possibility of damage or intruders. As such, we hope this added level of protection will aid in ensuring the tower stays functional for years to come and continue to empower local residents, and make BOSCO-Uganda’s vision a reality. Once again, thank you to 48 Percent! Stay tuned for additional updates regarding this project and its benefits!

Article by Greg Gehring



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