A Successful Basic Computer Maintenance Training at Pabbo Youth ICT Centre!”

Pabbo ICT Centre in Pabbo Town Council became a hub of technological empowerment from October 16th to 17th, thanks to a comprehensive training session conducted by BOSCO Uganda with generous support from the Internet Society. The two-day workshop, held on the 16th and 17th of October, focused on essential aspects of computer maintenance, covering both hardware and software intricacies. The training aimed to enhance the skills of individuals in the community, fostering a self-reliant approach towards computer technology.

Engaging in Knowing hardware components.

Day One: Hardware and Software Maintenance and Troubleshooting (16th October):

The first day of the workshop delved into the fundamental aspects of computer maintenance. Participants received hands-on training on hardware components, learning how to identify, repair, and replace faulty parts. The session also covered software maintenance, including updates, security measures, and troubleshooting common software issues. This comprehensive approach equipped attendees with the skills necessary to keep computers running smoothly and efficiently.

Day Two: Network Troubleshooting and Basic Solar Connection (17th October):

On the second day, participants dived into the realm of networking troubleshooting. The focus was on understanding network configurations, diagnosing connectivity issues, and resolving network-related problems. Moreover, the session shed light on basic solar connections, aligning with the growing need for sustainable energy solutions. Participants learned the basics of solar power systems, emphasizing energy efficiency and conservation.

Impact and Community Empowerment:

The training session proved to be a significant milestone in empowering the community of Pabbo Town Council. Attendees gained invaluable insights into computer maintenance, a skill set that is increasingly vital in today’s digital age. By fostering an understanding of hardware, software, networking, and solar connections, the workshop not only enhanced individual capabilities but also paved the way for community development. Empowered with this knowledge, participants are now better equipped to contribute to local technological advancements and bridge the digital divide.

Conclusion: The Computer Basic Maintenance Training conducted by BOSCO Uganda and supported by the Internet Society at Pabbo ICT Centre stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and community collaboration. As participants return to their daily lives, they carry with them a wealth of knowledge that has the potential to shape a more technologically proficient and self-sufficient community. This initiative exemplifies the impact that targeted training can have, not just on individuals, but on entire communities, fostering a brighter, digitally inclusive future for all.

You can read more about our partner Internet Society here

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